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Brett MorganLike many of our graduates and international alumni, my passion for dance started when I was very young and, like many of our students, I was blessed with patient parents and inspiring teachers who fostered my love for dance and developed the skills and training I required for a long career as a professional dancer.

There is something very compelling about the consistent delivery of world-class dance training in regional Australia and Newcastle in particular. It might be the support for culture of some of our regions, or the quality of teachers who choose to live outside the major capital cities – maybe there is just something in the water! Yet whatever this particular magic might be, I have always been committed to the delivery of world-class dance training in regional Australia.

In 2011, when I was offered the role of NCD’s Artistic Director, I embraced the opportunity. During this period, we were overwhelmed with the wonderful talent in Newcastle and the expertise of the teaching staff. My wife and I, (CEO Vicki Morgan) purchased the college in 2014 and moved our young family from the lower north shore of Sydney to our new home in Newcastle.

Our vision, shared by our wonderful team of talented staff, is to continue to grow the College as an accessible and inclusive world-class dance training centre. This includes scope for the development of a young company of dancers gaining pre-professional performance experience by touring and performing.

We also take great joy in a creative approach to performance with innovative dramatic techniques and interdisciplinary collaborations with musicians, artists, choreographers and composers. We will continue to foster talent in Newcastle and beyond and bring some of the leading people in the field from around Australia and internationally into the region to share their skills and passion.

I hope you will join us as student, a parent or an adult dancer in our vision to provide dance training excellence and exciting and delightful performances to the region and beyond.

Brett Morgan,

Developing Outstanding Dancers

We are the leading college for vocational dance in regional Australia, producing dancers who have a unique style, outstanding technique and artistic talent. This is achieved by providing an environment where students can learn and perform to the highest standard.

Our teachers guide students towards a deeper understanding of their craft and ensure students are well balanced in both mind and body as they develop towards either a vocational professional career or a lifelong enjoyment of dance.

We provide an environment where dance is respected, admired and rewarded.