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Give your son the gift of dance with our


002 Dance Foto Australia Boy Shot for National College of Dance NewcastleWe love having the boys around the studio. They have so much energy and excitement for dance and are fearless when it comes to trying new steps and combinations.

Our boys only classes are fun, energetic and loud but with just the right amount of discipline boys need to get the job done!  Our boys make new friends who also have the passion for dancing too.

There are many benefits to dance including co-ordination, spacial awareness, muscle control and discipline.                                               (Behind the scenes picture of our 2017 concert photo)

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We have many classes for boys to attend, depending on their interest.   Come along and trial any of our classes and discover for yourself the wonderful benefits of dance.

Mondays – 10+ years old 

BOYS ONLY Ballet –  4.30pm

BOYS ONLY Jazz / HipHop – 5.30pm

Wednesday – 6-9 years

BOYS ONLY Ballet –  4.00pm

BOYS ONLY Acrobatics –  5.00pm

BOYS ONLY Jazz / HipHop – 5.45pm




by Rain Francis

While girls today continue to gravitate to dance from a young age, many boys avoid dance because of the modern perception that it is a feminine activity. Boys are instead encouraged to focus on sports as an outlet for their energies. The irony is that dancing can be even more physically and mentally demanding than many of the sports boys play today including football, soccer or basketball!

While sport may always be the major part of most boys lives, encouraging them to enjoy the many creative, physical and social aspects of dance has an enormous benefit to them in the long run.

Giving boys the love of dance, and the confidence to enjoy it, is a gift that can last a lifetime.

#10. Strength, coordination, fitness, agility. Dance keeps you in condition and makes you strong and fit for other sports – and life in general.

#9. Dance builds strong, healthy muscles and bones. It’s also good for “posture, deportment and aesthetic formation,” says Shaw Coleman, male freelance dancer currently working in Europe.

#8. Team work. Dancing is more of a team sport than you’d think. Performing in a group routine or company hones team skills that will come in handy in all areas of life and work.

#7. Adventure. Because there are so few male dancers in relation to females, the jobs available to men are particularly significant. Dance can see you travelling all over the world, working with inspiring people in incredible locations.

#6. Mental strength. The discipline required to be a dancer is beneficial to any area of life. Dance teaches perseverance, focus and the importance of positive thinking. “Learning discipline will help you succeed in any other pursuit,” says Shaw.

#5. Self-esteem and confidence. Dancers are forever putting themselves in challenging circumstances, such as on stage or in a difficult dance class. If you can slay a dance floor, an audition or a stage performance, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything. Because you can.

#4. Health benefits. As well as body awareness and general conditioning, dance has many health benefits. According to Better Health, these include improved function of your heart and lungs, improved brain function and psychological well-being.

#3. Creativity and self-expression. A dance studio is a safe place where people are free to express themselves creatively. Dancing also helps to process emotions that are difficult to put into words.

#2. To be a leader not a follower. It’s sadly common to be bullied for enjoying dancing, but in the long-run, it’s you who will come out on top. Bullies usually do what they do because they are unhappy, so don’t give into peer pressure; lead the way and let them know you don’t care what they think. You may even inspire them when they see how much fun you’re having.

#1. Everyone thinks it’s cool. Seriously. Even if they pretend otherwise, they are secretly envious of your dance floor ability. Plus, adds Shaw: “Girls like guys with skills!”

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

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