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After School Classes


Classical is the foundation of most styles of dance and provides stability, strength, control and correct body alignment. Our Junior College offers the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examination syllabi. Our students are trained by qualified RAD teachers and lead by our International RAD examiner Elise Frawley.


Contemporary is a free and intensely creative form of dance, based on a wide range of movements.  Our school has a long history of producing strong and articulate dancers who excel in both Classical and Contemporary. We offer Contemporary dance from Grade 3 (10yrs +) and above.


Jazz is high energy, mixed with fast and dynamic movements, performed to modern and popular music.  Our studio continues to excel in this form. For the past two years we have made finals and placed first in NSW’s most competitive dance competition, the Sydney Eisteddfod. We teach Jazz dance technique and movement from Tiny Tots onwards.


This program is aimed at introducing boys and young men into the creative and athletic world of dance. Boys only dance classes provide a focused training environment with excellent teachers and role models to inspire boys into the fun of performance and the athleticism and challenge of dance training. Keep following us on Facebook to hear more or email admin@mwmdance.com to register your interest.


Students love our new acrobatics classes.  These classes are designed for each age group and challenge the students to explore their dance and acrobatic skills learning learning safe methods and techniques. Acro compliments all forms of dance and plays a dynamic role in Jazz and Contemporary.


Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon. In this program, students understand the depth of training muscle memory to achieve their personal best in classical ballet.  Our teachers are trained personally by Marie Walton Mahon in the Progressing Ballet Technique program.

These classes are offered from Grade 3 upwards. The emphasis in all styles is on performance – combining skills and techniques with the art of entertainment.


Each grade has its own 30 minute body conditioning and stretch class.  This class is a wonderful opportunity for students to understand how to warm up and cool down after class, work on specific stretch requirements and ask questions about state stretch practices.