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5 reasons to do Adult Ballet Class

These ever increasingly popular classes and on again  and we look forward to welcoming back our Adult dancers  to our school.

One of the first questions we get with all Adult students,  “I’ve not danced before or haven’t done ballet in years, can I still join in”    Our answer – Absolutely yes!!  Our Adult Ballet classes are designed for students of all levels (from beginner to experiences) to get benefits and enjoyment from attending.  Don’t be shy – join our ballet today!!

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If you think ballet is all about pink tutus and dying swans then get with the latest fitness craze!

Adult ballet classes have grown in popularity over the past few years. Health experts and personal trainers are now praising the benefits of the full body workout that ballet and pilates provide.

Re-shape Your Body

Ballet and Pilates is a great way to get into shape. Get a top-to-toe workout where every muscle in your body is actively engaged. Regular classes develop and maintain muscle strength, increase flexibility, build core strength and shed unwanted fat.

Reduce Stress

Like any exercise, these classes will significantly reduce your stress levels. Imagine at the end of a long or stressful day at work, enjoying a wonderful mental release that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. The combination of listening to music and moving your body is extremely therapeutic.

Improve Posture & Balance

Today, many of us suffer from back and neck problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Insufficient body movement creates poor posture and muscular-skeletal dysfunction further deteriorates as people age. Just like yoga or pilates, ballet is the perfect remedy for improving posture and overall balance. The ‘ballet stance’ works to correct your natural posture and body alignment developing balance, reducing body aches and pains and promoting healthy organ function.

Boost Brain Power

If you’re looking for a way to improve your memory then put down the crossword and step up to the barre! Memorizing dance steps and coordinating the different parts of your body to move with the music require using all parts of your brain.

The left brain remembers the logic of the step combinations; the right brain interprets the music and creative body expression, whilst the upper rear portion interprets spatial relationships; and the lower part memorizes the steps.

What’s more, studies have confirmed that classical music – typically used in ballet classes – stimulates the alpha waves in the brain, which enhance thinking, learning and intuition. Who knew ballet could potentially improve your IQ?

Self Confidence

Whether you secretly dream of being on stage or never got the chance to dance for an audience, a ballet class will give you the experience of performing – even if it’s only for your teacher, classmates or yourself.

As your ability to execute dance moves improves over time, so will your self esteem and body confidence. You’ll find nothing feels better than having a strong, flexible body you can be proud of.

So whilst there are a many great reasons to introduce adult ballet classes into your fitness regime, perhaps the best reason of all is to have a bit of fun.

Adult Ballet Classes – every Monday night at 7pm

$18.50 casual or 10 class pass $150


Book in for a Trial Class

It can be daunting entering a new class as an adult but be assured our adult classes are relaxed, friendly and for all ages and abilities.  Book in for a Trial Class today and experience the wonderful world of Adult Ballet.